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Take a look around your home. Your house or apartment is likely made from materials that were new at the time of construction. Such is the case for most American homes. Knowing that, here is a question worth pondering: would you live in a house constructed primarily with recycled materials? These homes really do exist.

CBS news ran a piece in early 2017 profiling eight homes constructed mostly from recycled materials. The homes are located around the world including locales in the Netherlands, Brazil, Africa, and even the U.S. All of them are ingenious in their design and resourceful in terms of the materials used to build them.

1.          Bottles, Timbers, and Ceramics

One of the houses profiled by CBS was a four-story townhome in Rotterdam. Its exterior consisted of bricks made from recycled materials. The builder collected fifteen tons of waste that included everything from glass to ceramics and … Read More