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3 Elements to Use for Food Safety Assurances

Working in the foodservice industry requires careful attention to safety and hygiene for both employee and patron interests. In addition to worrying about your score from the health department, here are some things to take note of to ensure against mishaps like foodborne illnesses.

Use a Pest Control Service

A food-service establishment could have its reputation ruined if a customer sees a rodent or cockroach crossing the floor. Even a trail of ants to the front door can be alarming. Taking caring of pest problems before they start is best done through a professional pest control service. While pest control is something you could take care of yourself, you will get more consistent and comprehensive results by hiring an expert.

Control Personal Food or Drink

Your employees may get hot and thirst while on the job, but it is against many health department regulations to have open containers of food or drink in any of the food prep or service areas. It isn’t acceptable to store travel cups or to-go containers in the coolers either. If your employee would like to store a drink in a rear refrigerator, you should require that all bottles be sealed with tamper-evident caps. This controls spills and contamination.  

Use Cross-Contamination Training

It doesn’t matter if an employee only works with the food and another only works with the customer, all staff should be trained in cross-contamination safety. Raw food products should never be stored above or near cooked food products. Gloves should always be removed after handling food, in addition to thoroughly washing hands after the gloves are taken off. Be careful about using mops or cleaning towels on food surfaces, then reusing them on tables or serving counters.

One bad report or low health inspection score can ruin your establishment’s reputation. Health and safety is everyone’s responsibility, and in a restaurant, the concern is for both customer and employee.