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3 Tips for Protecting Your Wood Floors

Engaging in regular care and maintenance is all a part of keeping your hardwood floors looking new. There are many proactive steps that homeowners can take in addition to standard protective measures to help prevent wood floors from getting damaged. Consider using the list of tips below to keep your wood floors looking great.

Keep Scratches at Bay

You can help prevent standard scuffs and scratches by being mindful of those who enter your home. Ask guests to remove their shoes before they enter your home. If shoes must be worn in the house, avoid those that often leave scuffs and scrapes, such as athletic cleats and high heels. For those who have pets, go out of your way to make sure your pets’ nails are trimmed to proper lengths. You can also take steps to protect your wood floors against the damage that moving furniture may cause. Place covers on the bottom of chair legs and install desk leg protectors on the bottoms of desks and tables.

Prevent Everyday Damage

Help avoid the damage that is caused by everyday use by placing plenty of area rugs. Target areas that are prone to frequent use such as entryways and pet-friendly zones. You can also have a frequent cleaning schedule to prevent dirt buildup from causing scratches and scruffs. Sweep hardwood floor areas frequently.

Refinish Your Floors

Get your wood finish redone every few years to ensure that your hardwood floor is properly protected. Be mindful of high-traffic areas that may need more care on a more frequent basis. You can hire professionals to get your hardwood floors refinished once every few years. There are additional sealer options for those whose floors require more frequent care.

There are many ways to keep your hardwood floors looking brand new. Implement the tips above to start protecting your wood floors today.