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Take a look around your home. Your house or apartment is likely made from materials that were new at the time of construction. Such is the case for most American homes. Knowing that, here is a question worth pondering: would you live in a house constructed primarily with recycled materials? These homes really do exist.

CBS news ran a piece in early 2017 profiling eight homes constructed mostly from recycled materials. The homes are located around the world including locales in the Netherlands, Brazil, Africa, and even the U.S. All of them are ingenious in their design and resourceful in terms of the materials used to build them.

1.          Bottles, Timbers, and Ceramics

One of the houses profiled by CBS was a four-story townhome in Rotterdam. Its exterior consisted of bricks made from recycled materials. The builder collected fifteen tons of waste that included everything from glass to ceramics and … Read More

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It’s important to work in a building where you feel comfortable. When temperatures outside are hot or cold, you and your employees rely on a properly working HVAC system to keep things feeling just right. The environment can be miserable when the heating or air conditioning goes out. Luckily, experienced contractors are ready and able to get things back on track. 

Free Estimates

Most reputable commercial HVAC contractors Minneapolis Mn will come over to your building and examine your system at no cost. The team will review any problems and provide you with a detailed list of what issues exist and how much it will cost. This gives you the chance to decide whether you need to make immediate repairs or whether you can wait. You shouldn’t have to pay much, if anything, upfront for a technician to diagnose trouble with your HVAC system. 

Routine Maintenance

Just as wellness checkups … Read More

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Choosing the right insurance to best protect your assets is an important decision. With the variety of options for insurance coverage available, it can be a complicated decision. It is important to ensure you have the right coverage for your company. Take the time to research your options that best suits your business’s needs.

General Liability Insurance

This is the traditional insurance coverage that most people are familiar with. A General Liability policy is purchased from an insurance company. This kind of policy will protect against liability claims for bodily injury and property damage. This is generally the most comprehensive coverage suited for high-risk companies.

Captive Insurance

With captive insurance, a company or group of companies will set up their own captive insurance group. Premiums get paid into the captive insurance company and claims get paid out from there. In essence, the insureds are the insurers, controlling the insurance … Read More

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As with everyday clothes you wear, carpets must also be washed regularly to keep them clean and fresh. Accumulation of dirt and stains on the carpet is the main factor that can shorten the life of the carpet and also potentially cause health problems. The cost of cleaning carpets that are too dirty will be large, especially when you have to buy a new carpet. Therefore, cleaning the carpet regularly is also useful in terms of economics.

So, what are the benefits of having a clean carpet, both at home and in your office? Here is the benefit!

  • Increase the age of the carpet. Diligent cleaning and washing carpets can remove dirt that has the potential to damage carpet fibers which can shorten the age of the carpet.
  • No need to worry about stains. You no longer need to worry about cleaning the carpet from all forms of stains and
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