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Do You Love The Written Word? Here are 2 Professions You Might Not Have Thought About

Many people who love the written word, dream about being an acclaimed author or poet. English-lovers often turn to teaching, journalism, or blogging to pay the bills. If you fall into this category, have you ever considered getting into the production side of print? Here are two print production business ideas you can do for a nine-to-five while you’re working on the next great American novel.

A Printer

Many businesses need printing services regularly. This business idea would also be exciting if you have an interest in helping companies grow or have an eye for design. There are industrial printers that get pretty specific, but when you’re just starting, a general all-purpose printer will do. You will need to lease a space large enough for your operations and machinery. Connect with a printer and accessories supplier for when you need more ink or a composite blade for your printer. Also, network with local businesses to secure wholesale accounts.

A Publisher

If you’ve started a printing service, you may want to expand your services to include publishing. Publishing companies can be advantageous because you can publish your work and help other authors get their work to print too. When starting a publishing company, it’s best to cater to a specific niche so you can brand yourself more easily. Larger publishing companies have a monopoly on general topics, so if you focus on natural health, or YL for example, you have a better chance of being recognized. Once you have successes within your niche, it’s easy to expand to a related genre.

As the era of digital advertising and e-readers is rising, the desire for printed books and literature will continue to grow among those who appreciate the written word. You can be a part of maintaining this service and art that has propelled civilization for centuries.