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Signs You Should Find Fence Contractors for Repair

Having a fence is one of the most critical aspects of your household. Still, it does not matter if you have wood, board-on-board, or other options available on the market, because you should choose a style to boost your home’s value and curb appeal.

Even if you have the most appealing option in your neighborhood, you should conduct regular maintenance and repair. The main idea is that low maintenance can reduce the overall property value and make a wrong impression on others.

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Besides, it can be dangerous to your family members due to missing boards and cracks that will affect security and privacy, among other things.

Still, you can detect signs your fence requires repair, which means you should find a professional contractor to help you deal with problems before they become more severe.

In the further article, we will present you with common signs you should consider.

1.        Splintering, Cracked, or Broken Boards

If you have issues with cracks in slats, runners, or boards, these are common and transparent signs you should find someone to help you repair a whole thing.

Apart from looking unappealing, they will affect the stability and strength of the entire thing, leading to severe issues such as splinters.

Of course, everything depends on the damage, but you can find a contractor to help you replace a few boards or specific panels or sections.

As soon as you get the new ones, you can stain and paint all of them to match them with each other. Finally, you should add a sealant to prevent future issues with both new and old boards.

2.       Rotting Wood

One of the most appealing materials you can find on the market is timber, but everything depends on the wood grade and other factors.

Still, it comes with natural deterioration and rotting properties, which may lead to decay, fungi issues, and other problems.

Of course, everything depends on the type of fungus infestation, but it can easily discolor and soften the timber by making it webbed, stringy, and spongy with cracks.

As soon as it infests timber, the fungi will go to other materials as well. Therefore, when you notice a horrible place, you should use a screwdriver and press it on it. If it sinks inside, it means you have a rotten piece of wood you should deal with.

Even if you notice it in the early stages, it is challenging to eliminate it using specific chemicals and solutions. Besides, if the wood has softened, it means you will not be able to repair it. As a result, you should find fence contractors to replace the rotten parts, which will prevent further infestation, among other things.

3.        Unstable Posts

Since you will need a wood post for a fence, they may become unstable, warp, bend, sag, and sink depending on numerous factors.

If you have issues with a loose post, the problems may become severe in a matter of days or months. The positions require a concrete footing, which can wobble and crumble after a while as well.

To determine the best course of action, you should make a post and shake it from one side to another.

Generally, it should not move at all, but you should find a contractor to re-secure or replace it altogether if it starts.

If you have issues with concrete footing, you may need to pour a new one to ensure protection.

4.        The fence is Touching Ground

Both footings and posts should be the only fencing parts close to the ground. It does not matter whether you have horizontal or vertical fences because the bottom of the boards should be a few inches away from the soil and ground.

Of course, in a matter of time, they can quickly sink due to numerous reasons. Therefore, when they contact soil, that will make them vulnerable to severe damage such as rot.

The treatment depends on a cause, which may require a simple repositioning or scooping the soil out, among other things.

5.        Chipped and Peeling Stain or Paint

It is vital to ensure a proper color of staining or painting on fencing, which will help you highlight your personal preferences and style. Besides, it is the simplest way to treat and protect it from wear and tear.

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If the finishing starts to chip or peel away, it will make it more vulnerable than before. Therefore, a contractor can strip the chipped, peeling, old finish and reapply a new one to ensure appeal and protection.