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Why Armed Security Guards Make Sense

Business security should never be taken lightly, but some business owners wonder when or why they would ever need armed security guards. Let’s go over the main reasons when this makes sense to do.

Crime Areas

While every business owner would love to have the most amazing office location, the reality is many office spaces reside in lower-income areas which usually have a higher crime rate. This is typically the case because office space is more affordable in these areas of town, which can help save businesses quite a bit of money. If you have a business space in a high crime area, this would be a reason to have armed security guards.

Businesses seem to become a magnet for crime as transients can often take up shop there and live under covered entrances, or harass employees by coming into the actual building. Simply seeing a security guard can deter criminals and keep them away.

Employee Safety

If your employees don’t feel safe at their workplace, they will eventually leave. This can lead to high turnover and will cost you more money having to try and replace them, only to bring in new employees that also don’t feel safe. Having a security guard can drastically change the way that people feel about their working environment as people want to feel safe. 

Not only can you keep your employees safe from outside influences, but you can keep them safe from each other. It seems like more and more you hear about employees that go off the rails when being fired. Having an armed security guard can help to foster good behavior, even in bad situations like firings.

As you can see, there are several reasons where having an armed security guard just makes sense to keep your employees and property safe.